Our Story

We were born with a little pluff mud between our toes, sand in our hair and sunburn on our shoulders. We grew up together along the tidal marshes of South Carolina. From the time we were old enough to drive a boat, the two of us have caught fish, shot ducks, shrimped, gathered oysters, camped and just about anything else you can think of (including drinking a LOT of beer) in the salt marshes from Currituck all the way down to Marathon and back around to Matagorda and Baffin Bay.

We have raised our families the same way our father’s raised us and today, they all enjoy and appreciate the marsh the same way we do. For years, we have noodled with the idea of making a difference and helping preserve the tidal marshes that have given us so much joy throughout our lives. So, we decided to create a company built around the promise of using a portion of our profits to preserve, protect and restore our Tidal Marsh Foundation and that money is then used to support those organizations fighting to protect this incredible natural resource and its inhabitants.

In doing so, we promise to make high quality clothing and gear that is simple, versatile, comfortable and equally at home in the marsh or water and do so in an environmentally responsible way with total transparency to all of our customers on how we make it, where we source it and how much goes to protecting, preserving and restoring our tidal marshes.

We hope you enjoy our stuff. If we are selling it, then it means we have already put it through the ringer ourselves.




Core Values